About Warren's Taxidermy


Dear Customer,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for our continued success and expansion as a family-owned business in the fiberglass fish reproduction business. 


We will continually strive to bring our customers the very best, most up-to-date techniques, involved in producing high quality fish blanks.


Our blanks are recognized more often by the larger taxidermy studios as a leader in the field of fish reproductions. The fine detail they possess, the accuracy involved in posing and the minimal amount of time in bringing them to the painting stage are incorporated together to bring you, the customer, the finest fish reproductions available. We are always available to assist our customers should they need assistance or advice when using our products, Please feel free to call us at anytime!!!


~Jimmy Warren 


For additional information on Warren's Taxidermy, please give us a call at (850) 763-6373. 


Gulf King: Blank #1664 



Barracuda: Blank #6093



Largemouth Bass: Blank #1477



Sailfish: Blank #6936


Facts About Our Blanks

Large selection
• Over 1,000 blanks to choose from

White gelcoat finish, fiberglass reinforced
• Provides excellent detail, light-weight, yet strong

Wood mounting block at balance point
• Prevents hanger screws from working loose

Tight matching seams
• Keeps finishing to a minimum

Mouth interior molded in many of the blanks
• Enhances lifelike quality
• Saves time

Jaw set supplied with blanks requiring them
• Saves time making them
• Looks more realistic

Gills supplied with open-gill blanks
• Very lifelike

Fish Reproductions Made in U.S.A.